SC or STForm of Certificate to be Produced by SC or ST CandidatesFORM-SC-ST.pdf
OBC-NCLForm of Certificate to be Produced by OBC-NCL Candidates
The candidate without OBC‐NCL certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2017) is required to upload a declaration (Declaration in Lieu of OBC‐NCL Certificate) to that effect.

PwDForm of Medical Certificate for Persons With DisabilitiesFORM-PwD.pdf
DyslexiaFormat of Medical Certificate to be Produced by Dyslexic CandidateFORM-DYSLEXIC.pdf
DSEducation Scholarship-Entitlement CardFORM-DS.pdf
Letter Description Format
Scribe Format of Request Letter for Scribe and Extra Time for PwD Candidates FORM-SCRIBE.pdf